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Petit Fours


Petit Fours are the most elegant little treats.  Our tiny cakes consist of 3 layers of cake, and two layers of filling.  Sweet Hearts Patisserie's Petit Fours are by far the most interesting and  flavorful petit fours on the market.  We put extra care into hand-decorating them so they are just perfect for any occasion from a black tie affair to an afternoon treat.  


Daily Flavors 

Photo Apr 07, 2 28 27 PM.jpg
Photo Apr 07, 2 51 21 PM.jpg
Photo Apr 07, 2 57 45 PM.jpg
Triple Chocolate
Rich chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, and chocolate buttercream
Vanilla Raspberry
Vanilla cake layered with raspberry jam and french vanilla buttercream
Strawberry Champagne
Strawberry cake soaked with champagne, strawberry jam, and strawberry champagne buttercream

Current Seasonal Flavors

Yellow Cake Soaked in Espresso & Kahlua, Chocolate Ganache, Marsala Buttercream, White Chocoalte Glaze 
Photo Aug 02, 11 45 31 AM.jpg
Chocolate, strawberry and yellow cake with strawberry jam, chocolate buttercream, vanilla buttercream 
Photo Jan 05 2023, 11 25 11 AM.jpg
Champagne infused cake, raspberry jam, raspberry rose buttercream
Photo Apr 07, 3 03 27 PM.jpg
Chocolate Caramel
Rich chocolate cake, caramel ganache, caramel buttercream, chocolate glaze 
Photo Apr 07, 2 59 25 PM.jpg
Birthday Cake
Funfetti cake with classic buttercream


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