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Custom Cupcakes

We love customizing all of our pastries! Our pastries are made in the store with fresh ingredients! To order custom cupcakes, we require a minimum of 12 per custom request and a weeks notice. Call the bakery for more information and pricing.

Additional Cost Cupcake Options

Photo Apr 28, 9 58 20 AM (1).jpg

Colored Icing

Your choice of colored icing

Photo Aug 12, 9 25 17 AM.jpg

Fondant Cut-Out

Fondant cut- out design and color 

* design availability may vary*

Photo May 25, 11 11 33 AM.jpg


Choice of monogram/number piped on top of buttercream & color

Photo May 11, 8 30 48 AM.jpg

Multiple Colored Icing

Your choice of two colors for icing

Photo Oct 27, 9 28 40 AM.jpg

Fondant Disc/Edible Image

Choice of color for fondant disc & writing/ 

Choice of edible image on fondant disc


Small Buttercream Flower

Choice of color for small flower piped on top of buttercream icing


Buttercream Flower

Your choice of colored buttercream flower covering top

Photo Sep 08, 10 02 04 AM.jpg

Gold Leaf

Your choice of gold/rose gold leaf on top of buttercream icing

Photo Aug 09, 1 03 46 PM.jpg

Unicorn Cupcake

Choice of color sprinkles added to top of cupcake

* Need minimum of 1 week notice to order *

Photo Aug 09, 1 03 49 PM.jpg

Mermaid Cupcake

Choice of color sprinkles added to cupcake

* Need minimum of 2 week notice to order *



Choice of color rosette covering top of cupcake

No Additional Cost Cupcake Options


Star Tip

as is buttercream with star tipped piping

Photo Apr 20, 2 12 59 PM.jpg


Glitter, white/brown wrappers, or adding toppers provided by customers are no additional charge!


Your choice of colored sprinkles on as is buttercream

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