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Everyone loves to receive a gourmet gift!  Whether you are looking to send beautfiul gift baskets to thank your important clients, or offer a small memorable gift at your next event, we are here to create your vision.  We can offer custom packaging, custom colors, or even put your logo on our petit fours.  Contact us for more information or a quote.




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French Macarons
Choose your favorite macaron flavors and colors, and we will customize them just for you.  


Cellophane bag w/ ribbon:

1 Macaron $2.75

2 Macarons $4.75

3 Macarons $6.75


Clear box w/ ribbon:

2 Macarons $5.50

3 Macarons $7.50

4 Macarons $9.50




Petit Fours

Choose your flavor, colors, and add a monogram, date, or custom design  for a completely unique gift.




Cellophane bag w/ ribbon:

1 Petit Four $3.50

2 Petit Fours $6.25


Clear box w/ ribbon:

1 Petit Four $4.25

2 Petit Fours $7.00

3 Petit Fours $9.75

4 Petit Fours $11.00


Cake Pops

Choose a flavor, color, and accent color, or add sprinkles, confetti, or sparkles.  Have something more unique in mind? Contact us for a quote.


1 cake pop in cellophane bag w/ribbon: $3.75

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